medical cannabis prescriptions UK.

Let’s cover the UK. Medical cannabis has been legalized in the UK as of the 1st of November 2018. It has been a long hard battle, there has been many notoriously covered cases this year, which pushed the government to rethink their stance on medical cannabis.

Medical cannabis is prescribed in an oral format. It comes in a spray or oil formula. There are also capsules available for products like Nabilone.
Medical cannabis is being used in children with severe epilepsy, chronic pain and other disorders. Currently medical cannabis can only be prescribed by a health specialist, not your local GP.

Applying for medical cannabis isn’t going to be easy, no matter how hard you try. And it is likely, only a very small amount of people will actually get it prescribed. At least for now anyway.

There are currently three products available from the NHS. Each one has a different use but there is a strict criteria for each.

if you’re looking to get a prescription for medical cannabis, it isn’t that easy.


Epidiolex is being prescribed for children and adults with epilepsy. Epidilex is a highly purified liquid containing CBD.
CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant that has shown great ability as a medicinal product. Epidiolex does not contain any THC (the compound in cannabis which makes you high)
Epidiolex is not currently licensed in the UK but is going through the process, it is still available on the NHS though. Epidiolex is almost 100% pure CBD.

Click HERE to go direct to the manufacturers website for all information regarding usage, dosage and side effects.


Nabilone is currently being prescribed to people who suffer with severe sickness and vomiting associated with chemo. It is usually prescribed as a last resort, after all other medications have failed. Nabilone is taken as a capsule and is a man made product.
Nabilone works in the same way THC does, as such it may make you feel high or stoned. It isn’t actually made from the cannabis plant though, which is interesting. Nabilone comes with its own side effects and warnings. Nabilone has been licensed in the UK meaning it has passed all safety tests, and has a proven medicinal benefit.

Click HERE to find out about dosages, usage, interactions and more.

Nabiximols (Sativex)

Nabiximols is prescribed for people suffering with MS and muscle spasticity. It is a mix of CBD and THC, so essentially it is cannabis in an oil format. It is taken as a spray under the tongue. Given that it is essentially cannabis it does produce a feeling of being stoned or high.

It is a licensed drug and has been since 2003. Although again, its availability is limited.

“The benefits of Sativex are seen as too small to justify its cost to the Health Service. So, you can’t get it on the NHS except in Wales (and even there, it’s not easy to get). Anywhere in the UK, a doctor can give you a private prescription for Sativex if you can afford the cost.” –


Even though it isn’t that easy to get a hold of, it is good news that the UK is finally catching up with the rest of the world. Medical cannabis can make a huge difference to people’s lives, especially those suffering with MS, severe epilepsy and other conditions.

New research is being undertaken all the time so maybe in the next few years we will see medical cannabis being prescribed for chronic pain, Crohns disease and more.

CBD the active cannabinoid used in medical marijuana is available from many online stores legally. Due to strict regulations in the UK it can be sold, but cannot be advertised as a medicinal product.

Given these rules there are a lot of people out there selling inferior CBD products.  Just please follow our guidelines so you are buying a quality product from an approved seller.

If it all seems a bit too confusing dont worry! use one of our pre  approved suppliers. We don’t just put any company on our page they have to follow our 5 point quality check list.

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