Top five things to look out for when buying CBD oil


Buying the right CBD oil can be overwhelming, currently there are lots of products on the market and not all are what they seem. We have put together this small list of qualities for you to look out for when buying a CBD product to relieve pain or anxiety. The best qualities to look out for in a CBD product and what determines a good CBD based product.

Hopefully, this will allow you to choose the highest quality CBD based products, You can always check out our trusted sellers page as we have personally done our checks on these companies and trust that they only sell the best, and highest quality CBD based products.

1.CBD oil not Hemp seed oil

A lot of people get confused, mainly due to sneaky marketing practices, about the difference between CBD oil and Hemp seed oil. When you are after buying a CBD based product it is important to buy a product which states CBD oil, and not Hemp seed oil.

CBD oil contains the active ingredient CBD which is what interacts with your own bodies CB receptors and helps alleviate pain. Hemp seed oil on the other hand contains nothing, well, it contains some healthy fats and is a good addition to a salad for a nutritious kick. But in relation to pain or anxiety relief, Hemp seed oil comes up empty.


2. Whole plant extract

Also known as full spectrum. This is important. When you buy something which is a whole plant extract it involves extraction from the hemp buds and leaves. If it doesn’t state on the bottle what type of extract it is, you could just end up with oil extracted from stalks and seeds. Which generally have lesser amounts and quality of CBD oil in.

Having the whole plant extract means as well as the CBD you will also get the secondary constituents of the hemp plant. Which includes terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids which have been shown to work synergistically with CBD magnifying its effects.

cbd whole plant extract full spectrum

3. C02 Extracted

Co2 extraction is a method used to separate the CBD from everything else in the plant, including THC ( the part which makes you high). The C02 method or super critical method is the only way to extract the oils without using any additional alcohols or chemicals. The result is often a higher quality product, which will also pass the test for halal and kosher friendly diets.

4. 3rd party testing

3rd party testing is a big yes from me. If a company believes in total transparency and the quality of their products they will have no problem with providing you with analysis and test results of their CBD from an independent tester.

This not only reassures you, that you are getting what you paid for, but you are also not getting any nasty surprises which could effectively cause you to loose your job ( random drug tests)

Most companies will have their test results on their web page, if not you can always ask. In fact you SHOULD always ask. It will also give you an insight into their customer service.

Remember CBD products should contain less then 0.3% THC.

How to use cbd oil

5)  Organically grown hemp

This is the bare bones of where your CBD and medical marijuana comes from. Would you want to ingest or inhale something that has been sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and all sorts of nasties?

Organically grown hemp will always be the better option. Hemp is known as what’s called a ‘hyperaccumulator’. This means, the hemp plant easily absorbs anything that is present In the ground it was grown. If the plant grows on high quality and nurtured soil the hemp plant in turn, will produce high quality oil.

We kept it simple. Follow these footsteps to make sure you never end up with a vial of snake oil. With more and more companies sprouting up all the time, it is vital that you go forward with knowledge that you will always be able to choose high quality CBD for your medical needs. 

Remember, we only show products from the top performing and most transparent CBD companies around. So, if this feels too overwhelming just head over to our suppliers page where we have done the due diligence for you.


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