Does hemp oil contain CBD?

The old ‘does hemp oil contain cbd?’ question. T’is one which gets very confusing.

So, lets understand the difference between hemp oil with and without cbd.

Hemp oil, cannabis oil, CBD hemp oil. Whichever term you have found yourself using all typically refer to the same thing. Now, the best term to use typically is CBD oil. But, you aren’t technically wrong for using anything else.

There can just be a difference in how they are marketed and what each product does. Hemp oil is usually ‘hemp seed oil’ which, is a very good additive to a salad but not what we would want to use for our social anxiety or chronic pain.

Hemp seed oil isn’t CBD oil

And be careful of anybody trying to make that claim. Hemp seed oil has been around a lot longer than CBD oil.

Hemp seed oil has been used in the mainstream media as a great addition to a diet for years, they are full of health fats and are exceptionally rich in omega 3 and 6.

They are also a great protein source, as more than 25% of their total calories are from high quality protein. Not forgetting being a great source of vitamin E.

Now hemp seed oil is essentially that. Oil from the seed of the hemp plant. Unfortunately for us, the hemp seed  doesn’t contain much, if any at all, of the pain relieving goodness we are looking for in a good CBD product.

cbd hemp oil

CBD and THC are both made in the buds and leaves of the cannabis plant. Which are then taken and put through an extraction process to remove the compounds and make the medicinal based products we know and love.

So to summarise.

  1. Hemp seed oil is great for a salad
  2. Hemp seed oil contains no CBD or THC
  3. Hemp seed oil Carries no medicinal benefit
  4. Hemp seed oil isn’t CBD oil

Don’t fall for the false marketing trick used by many big companies.

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