How to use CBD oil for pain relief

CBD has been showing more and more that it is a great product to use for pain relief. But, there isn’t a lot of information around on how much CBD to use, how to use it and what to look out for when buying CBD for the first time.

For those of you (like me) who like to know the ins and outs the first experience etc. I will lay it all on the line.

CBD oil typically comes in a glass vial with a dropper. Quite similar to E – liquids but be warned if you are a vaper. CBD oil WILL NOT WORK IN YOUR E-CIG. CBD oil is for oral consumption or topical application. CBD vape oil is for your E-cig.

To take CBD oil quite simply squeeze a few drops under your tongue, allow to sit there for a minute or two then wash down with a little water or juice. And, that is it!

Simple, right ?

I like to use my CBD before going to bed. I take a few drops as mentioned above and hit the hay. It puts me out for quite a nice sleep. Usually unbroken but I do have two young children so that would be an achievement in its own right.

How much to take I hear you ask?

I started off with two drops. I suggest you do too! Two drops gave me the desired effect without any unwanted sides (of which there aren’t typically many).  After a month it maybe worth you trying three drops but it would be best to work up to it.

When I first started out I obviously tried a few extra drops to see what would happen (as you do) but I pretty much just found at around lunch time the next day I would feel a bit sickly whilst eating (odd). But, now after a couple of months I can quite happily use three of four drops without any issue.

How did it make me feel?

To be honest, I felt normal? which for those of us who suffer from chronic back pain or any other types of chronic pain, is a big fucking deal. Think about it? To feel normal. I pretty much walked around London for two days wearing uncomfortable shoes and carrying a backpack without so much of an issue. I didn’t even notice that I had a back issue, nor did it seem to bother me one bit.

The timing was great, as I had just landed a training day to upgrade my skills, but I was also in London to attend a full day exhibition. This, to me, was the ultimate test. That much walking around whilst carrying my back would’ve definitely put me on the sofa (or a hard floor) for a few days. To top this off, my anxiety levels were really manageable.

It was like there was a box with my anxiety in it, every time it rose the box lid would come down as if to say “that’s enough today, anxiety” and that would be it.

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