Does CBD lower anxiety?

cbd oil for back pain stress

Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD has been used for many years to alleviate anxiety, find out how CBD relieves anxiety, studies to show it does relieve anxiety and follow our CBD buyers guide to find what strength CBD you should use to help anxiety. 

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety is the most common mental illness in the US affecting more than 18% of the population every year.

The common treatments for anxiety disorders are medication, psychotherapy or a combination of the two. However, with more research being carried on marijuana and CBD oil, more and more people are opting to forgo these traditional treatments in favor of CBD oil.

According to a 2018 publication by the Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, more than 62% of cannabis users confessed to have used CBD oil to treat medical conditions such as pain, depression and finally, anxiety. This begs the question, what the heck is CBD oil and does it really treat anxiety? Well, read on and get your questions answered!

What is CBD Oil?

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the 113 cannabinoids (chemical compounds) found in the marijuana plant. Another popular cannabinoid is THC, which is responsible for the psychoactive effect in cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD cannot get you high. This makes CBD an appealing option for people seeking relief from pain and the various medical conditions without experiencing the mind-altering effects of different pharmaceutical drugs or marijuana.

To make CBD oil, CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and then diluted using a carrier oil such as hemp seed or coconut oil.

Over the last decade, CBD oil has really gained momentum in the wellness and health world with several studies suggesting that it may help treat several ailments including cancer, chronic pain, and anxiety.

CBD Oil and Anxiety

Although much progress has been witnessed as far as research on the marijuana industry is concerned, it is crucial to note that most of these studies have focused generally on marijuana rather than CBD oil as a standalone product.

While most studies have confirmed that CBD may help treat anxiety, some suggest that recreational marijuana may make you more vulnerable to anxiety.

Thinking of using CBD oil to treat your anxiety? It is crucial that you exclusively analyze research on Cannabidiol, rather than the generalized studies on medical marijuana.

Here are some  studies regarding the use of CBD oil to help treat anxiety:

  • Research carried out in 2010 concluded that CBD could help reduce the symptoms of social anxiety in people suffering from social anxiety disorder (SAD). According to the study, CBD altered the way the brains responded to stress in addition to making participants feel better. Brain scans carried later revealed some changes in blood flow to the vital brain regions concerned with feelings and anxiety.
  • In 2011, research findings were published showing that CBD could eliminate social anxiety. In this study, the researches focused explicitly on how CBD could be used to reduce or eliminate anxiety associated with public speaking.
  • In 2014, a research was published indicating that CBD oil had anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties. An animal model was used in this study.In 2016, a case study revealed that CBD could help eliminate the effects of anxiety-provoked sleep disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder or the PSTD in kids. According to the study, CBD helped reduce the symptoms of anxiety in a young girl with a history of trauma and helped her sleep.
  • These are just some of the studies suggesting that CBD may help treat anxiety. However, most researchers agree that more research still needs to be done to find out the suitability of CBD oil as a long-term treatment plan for anxiety.

How Exactly Does CBD Treat Anxiety?

It seems that after all, CBD can be used to treat anxiety. The question is, how exactly does it achieve this?

CBD works by activating receptors found in the endocannabinoid system within our bodies (comprised of receptor sites). The sites which are located throughout the body are known as the CB1 and CB2 receptors. CBD is able to interact with the receptors since they are similar to endocannabinoids (molecules found within the body). Although CBD has a low affinity for both CB1 and CB2 receptors, it enhances the transmission of the 5-HT1A receptor.

The 5-HTIA receptor is involved during serotonin neurotransmission (a neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in feelings and mood) It is believed that CBD’s influence on this receptor may play a role in reducing anxiety. This is because, the 5-HTIA receptor site plays a significant role in mediating depressive behaviours, moods, and anxiety.

CBD is also known to have some effect on hippocampal neurogenesis. The hippocampus is a critical brain region responsible for cognition and memory formation.

Brain scans often reveal a smaller hippocampus in patients suffering from depression or anxiety. Neurogenesis refers to the formation of new neurons in our brains. Both CBD and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs are known to boost neurogenesis. This is very important as increased neurogenesis helps reduce anxiety and depressive behaviours.

Benefits of CBD Oil over Other Anxiety Treatment Options

Most people suffering from anxiety disorders are usually prescribed Benzodiazepines which are similar to Valium, Xanax, and Klonopin. What most people don’t know is that these drugs are very addictive and may make users feel fluffy and dormant.

In addition, most of the anti-anxiety drugs have severe side effects such as sleeplessness, psychological shortages, weak pulse as well as hypersensitive responses.

Unlike these drugs, CBD has little to no known side effects since it is a natural compound. Also, CBD lacks psychoactive properties and hence suitable for anyone. However, just like any other medication, you must observe the right dosage when using CBD oil for anxiety. In Case of any complications, it is crucial that you see your doctor for guidance and direction.

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The best at home drug tests – USA edition.

Best marijuana home drug test kits

More and more people are using CBD, the problem is in general there is a worry that using It may cause you to fail your work place drug test. There is an article HERE about the potential issues which may cause that to happen.

In the mean time we have been on the look out for the best at home and portable drug tests for marijuana. Check the top three below. Testing yourself regularly will mean you know if your CBD contains any THC – which would make you fail a work place drug test.

So, lets look at Amazons top 3 at home drug tests, so you can keep on top of any accidental issues. Using a test a week is a relatively cheap way of keeping on top of any issues which may arrive due to your CBD or medical marijuana use.


Amazons best selling at home drug testing kit. Easy@home is a 5 panel instant drug testing kit. Testing for;

  • Marijuana (THC)
  • COC
  • OPI 2000
  • AMP
  • BZO
  • 99% Accurate

These tests are FDA 510(k) approved for home use. and CLIA waived for professional use. They test for the FDA recommended cut of levels for each of the drugs listed above.

OPI 2000 detects a wide range of natural opiates, semi synthetic and synthetic opioids such as Morphine, Codeine, Heroin each at 2000ng/ml cut off level and >Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Hydromorphone, Norcodeine at higher cutoff level shown in instruction.

10 Individually wrapped tests which are easy to use . Just dip in your pee!

Easy to use and portable. We suggest using once weekly. If you find you fail a test when you’ve only been using CBD then it is probably best to stop using that particular brand of product.


The cheapest our list is the Utest single panel marijuana home test panel twin pack.

  • This test only tests for THC levels in urine
  • 99% Accuracy

This made in America THC test kit is both discreet and reliable. It gives you instant results and the test is set to 20ng/ml which is less then half of the legal limit.


Another winner from easy@home this time covering a 12 panel test.  This pack includes 10 single use cups for easy to use and dispose of at home drug testing.

  • Marijuana (THC)
  • Opiate OPI2000
  • Amphetamine AMP
  • Cocaine COC
  • Methamphetamine MET
  • Oxycodone OXY
  • Barbiturates BAR
  • Benzodiazepines BZO
  • Methylenedioxymethamphetamine MDMA / Ectasy
  • Methadone MTD
  • Phencyclidine PCP
  • Tricyclic antidepressants TCA
  • 99% Accurate

FDA 510(k) approved cleared for home use CLIA waived for professional use. Tests all drugs to the legal FDA recommended cut off levels. Each cup is individually sealed to stay fresh. Each cup is printed with the drug names, item code and expiration date. This pack also includes disposable plastic gloves.


You can rest assured that these tests are all accurate enough to keep you out of trouble. Whether that’s in the work place or elsewhere. Monitoring your levels allows you to workout the clearance times of each drug.

Stay safe and always consult your doctor when using non prescribed drugs.

CBD have it your way!

cdb edibles guide gummies, paste and capsules

That’s right, there is more than one way!
Right now all the hype is around CBD oil. But, let us not forget CBD is an ingredient and the chefs have been cooking.

1) CBD edibles

You heard right, CDB edibles are food products with the added benefit of containing CBD. Move over pot brownies because CBD brownies are coming through! Ever wondered what it would feel like to eat a sweet knowing its relieving you of pain? well, think no more. Many companies are now creating CDB edibles in sweet format, some even cookies. This is a quick, easy and tasty way to ingest CDB if you cant stand the taste of CBD oil. The amount of CDB in the sweets is usually less when considering the price and total mg/ml. Unfortunately unless you’re eating the whole packet, its hard to judge how much CBD you’ve ingested.

For the biggest range of CBD edibles in the USA click HERE.

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2) CBD capsules

You’ve probably heard of CBD capsules. They are pretty much oil format housed in a cap. If you’re a vegetarian or on a diet including halal and kosher you will likely need to check what the capsule shell is made of. They are a quick and easy way to get your CBD. All ingredients will be written on the box, and of course the dosage size of each pill. It is quite easy to monitor how much CBD you will take with these and you can adjust it buy simply upping the number of pills or buying a higher strength. The only downside is you can only increase your dosage by what mg the pill contains. You cant split a capsule!

For anti-inflammatory CBD capsules USA click HERE.

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3) CBD balm or cream

Typically people have been using hemp creams for a while, whilst they contain a strong amount of healthy fats and vitamin E they don’t contain much, if any CBD. But now CBD balms are being produced to help with skin conditions such as eczema, arthritis and other localised pain relief. The emphasis being on localised, after a hard workout or a long run, why not try reaching for some organic CBD balm instead of chemical infused heat rubs to relax sore muscles and reduce inflammation.

For a high quality CBD salve / cream USA click HERE.

4) CBD Paste.

CBD paste is supplied in an oral syringe. CBD paste comes in different strengths and is ingested in a small grain of rice size dose 1 – 2 times daily. It is usually very thick in consistency and is the best way to get high doses of cannabinoids into your system quick and easy. Very strong in taste. CBD paste is typically pure extract. No carrier oil or other added ingredients. Just put a little under your tongue and you’re good to go!

For high quality CBD paste in the UK click HERE.

Click HERE for what to look out for when buying CBD.

What’s your favourite way to take CBD? let me know in the comments below.  As well as what I have written above there are more ways to get your CBD fix,  I will go into them in another post where I will cover E liquid, vaporisation, crystals and isolates.



CBD oil and failing work place drug tests!

will cbd oil make me fail a drug test?

Will CBD oil make you fail your workplace drug test?. We cant deny them, and we cant run from them. So then, the big question being asked right now is..can using CBD make me fail my work place drug test? Is there a way to avoid failing a work place drug test?

As part of an application process, people who apply for jobs may be asked to be screened for drug and alcohol use. Depending on state law and company policy, employers may do this prior to making a job offer.

More often than not, this will be a Urine Drug Test. They test for opioids, marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine and more.

No drug test currently tests for CBD.

When testing for marijuana the test is looking for THC. THC is the psychoactive stimulant found in the marijuana plant.

Now, CBD oil is extracted from the marijuana plant with extremely low levels of THC. But, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any in there!!!!!

If you buy your CBD oil from a reputable supplier, they will have a typically less than 0.2% THC content. This is fine, as it would take a huge dose to come up in a drug test, maybe a few vials! But in Europe this can be anywhere under 1%.

But some companies out there, due to limited legislation are not declaring the correct amount of THC in their oil. This could be due to cross contamination, or general negligence. It is always wise to ask for a 3rd party analysis report when you buy your CBD products.

Military and Athletes.

Typically military, police and sports drug tests are urine and or hair sample tests. These are usually more comprehensive. If you are in a first responder role or an athlete in a regulated body, it is probably best to enquire about whether your use of CBD is ok.

We wouldn’t want you to lose your job for a moment of ignorance. If not, it is probably best to not use any CBD products at all.

But I have a medical marijuana card?

When someone holding a medical marijuana card is fired from his or her job because of a positive drug test, he or she could be considered a victim of workplace discrimination. Without the ability to test for actual levels of THC at the specific time the test is being performed, a person who tests positive for THC may not be actively high.

Laws to reduce this type of workplace discrimination are being created to protect those using medical marijuana under the state’s medical marijuana program. Some employers are required to test employees under federal law or highly regulated safety laws for jobs like truck drivers or pilots where there is a legitimate basis for firing an employee who fails a random drug test.

If an employer does not have to adhere to federal laws or safety regulations, the employer must carefully determine and provide reasons for firing a medical marijuana user who fails a drug test.

Some states like Nevada and New York consider those who use cannabis for medical reasons as being legally disabled and have created laws taking this type of disability into consideration. These laws require employers to ”reasonably accommodate” the medical needs of an employee who is a certified patient holding a legal medical marijuana card.

In states where medical marijuana users are considered disabled, medical marijuana users cannot be legally fired because of a positive drug test. However, this only applies if the marijuana use does not keep the employee from doing his or her job, and does not affect the safety of the employee, other employees, the public, or anyone else in the workplace.

If you are a medical marijuana card holder or someone who enjoys legalized recreational marijuana, research your state, your employer’s, or your future employer’s drug testing policy.

You shouldn’t assume that, because you are exercising your legal right to use cannabis outside of the workplace, you are immune to the repercussions your employer may impose on you as the result of a drug test that comes back positive for THC. (1)

To sum up..

You are extremely unlucky if using CBD oil makes you fail a work place drug test. But follow these steps to minimise any chance of it;

  1. Buy your CBD from a reputable seller.
  2. Ask to see their 3rd party analysis.
  3. If it doesn’t state its THC content don’t use it.
  4. If you have a medical marijuana card you maybe protected under work place discrimination.
  5. If you are an athlete – talk to your regulatory body.

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CBD and the fitness industry – the perfect pair?

It turns out bodybuilders and fighters are using CBD to help them sleep! Find out why CBD is the next big supplement to hit the fitness industry.

But how could people who workout benefit from CBD? well, lets understand how CBD works and how that can correlate over to helping people from bodybuilders to cross fitters and everyone in between.

CBD is a legal product. It is extracted from cannabis plants and is one of the main cannabinoids found in the plant. When it is extracted, mainly via C02 extraction any THC is left behind (the part which creates the high for recreational cannabis users).

CBD, when taken, interacts with our own endocannabinoid system. In our own bodies we have a system which gets stimulated when we ingest or inhale CBD. The endocannabinoid system has been  recognized as an important modulatory system in the function of brain, endocrine, and immune tissues as well as hormone regulation, it promotes homeostasis affecting sleep, appetite, pain, inflammation and mood.

Exercising can often lead to over exertion, bodybuilders and power lifters can over stimulate themselves when lifting heavy and reaching Pbs. Boxers and fighters can bare the marks of round after round of hitting bags and pads. All of this can lead to major internal inflammation reducing recovery time and causing achy stiff muscles, sometimes for days.

As fitness enthusiast we always try to naturally promote and use anything which may help us to improve our general health, healing ability and overall functionality. We take vitamins, minerals and supplements to no end in a bid to improve ourselves and give us an edge over our competition (even if we are our own competition!)

CBD is being used successfully to help reduce inflammation not only after exercise but also for chronic illnesses and pains, life arthritis. It is being used by people instead of relying on over the counter pain killers and NSAIDS – which have their own long term side effects, including liver stress and damage.

CBD helps you sleep

CBD has also been shown to help achieve a deeper, longer and more satisfying sleep, just imagine coming home from a great dead lifting session to a great meal, having a couple of drops of CBD and having a great comfortable night sleep whilst your body is reducing inflammation at the same time and feeding your muscles with more nutrients!

As we all probably know, sleep is when our body repairs the damage done over the course of the day or days. So, the better sleep we can have the more rested we will wake up and the more our bodies have had the chance to repair damage. CBD has also shown to reduce anxiety which is another factor in people with problematic sleeping issues.

CBD and Digestion

CBD oil has been shown to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract While a lot of the research being done is still fairly new, it is speculated that cannabinoids could be a powerful remedy for digestive issues, because they interact with the cannabinoid receptors concentrated in the brain, stomach, and intestines. These receptors include the CB-1, CB-2 receptors, and serotonin receptors. The CB-1 receptor, in particular, has been found to regulate nausea and vomiting, stomach acid regulation and protection from stomach acid. Most studies, mainly through animal studies, show that CBD oil for digestion helps alleviate gastrointestinal inflammation.

CBD oil and Blood Pressure

CBD oil was used in a 2017 study by administering 600mg of CBD or placebo in nine healthy male volunteers in a randomized,placebo – controlled, double blind, crossover study. Cardiovascular parameters were monitored using a finometer and laser doppler.

The study showed that CBD reduced resting systolic BP (–6 mmHg; P < 0.05) and stroke volume (–8 ml; P < 0.05), with increased heart rate (HR) and maintained cardiac output. Subjects who had taken CBD had lower BP (–5 mmHg; P < 0.05, especially before and after stress), increased HR (+10 bpm; P < 0.01), decreased stroke volume (–13 ml; P < 0.01), and a blunted forearm skin blood flow response to isometric exercise. In response to cold stress, subjects who had taken CBD had blunted BP (–6 mmHg; P < 0.01) and increased HR (+7 bpm; P < 0.05), with lower total peripheral resistance(8).

What this data tells us, is the patients who received the CBD showed a reduction in resting BP and a reduction in BP increase due to stress in humans was achieved.

This is great news for bodybuilders and anyone with BP related issues, any bodybuilder taking supplements or supplemental hormones will know all too well the dangers and the realness of blood pressure increases, and how keeping on top of BP can keep a whole host of other health issues at bay, including cardiac disease. So CBD maybe used as a natural supplement to decrease blood pressure.



So, about now you’re probably thinking ‘some this up for me man’

So here goes, If you’re looking for an all natural and organic supplement which has the potential to help you sleep better and longer, put less stress on your digestion, improve you mood, help your blood pressure and improve you blood sugar levels then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be trying CBD oil as affordable as it is.

If you already use it, let us know in the comments!

Click HERE to visit our company page to find the best CBD suppliers in the UK and the USA. But don’t worry, they ship worldwide too.



CBD oil and Turmeric? Natures super anti-inflammatory!

If you’ve been thinking about using CBD for arthritis, joint pain, inflammation related diseases. Then this is the article for you. Find out how this all natural drug can help alleviate your pain.

If CBD oil and turmeric were a film, they would be superman vs batman! a majorly epic battle of two major players in the health industry.

Could this be the perfect combination of anti inflammatory and health boosting ingredients the natural world has been waiting for. Could this combination start generating a new breed of super hero’s?

Well, we aren’t quite sure about that. But, we do believe this one combination of natures best remedies you shouldn’t be overlooking. To explain a little further lets have a look at how both products work and then see how they could work in combination to reduce pain and inflammation within the body.


Turmeric is a plant of the ginger family, it is found in the Indian subcontinent and southeast Asia as well as some countries in western Africa. The root is often ground down into a yellow powder and used for cooking purposes, especially in curries as well as being used as dye. The use of turmeric goes back thousands of years being used for medicinal purposes by many cultures including traditional Chinese healing.

Turmeric contains compounds called curcuminoids, with the most important being curcumin. Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric, it is known to have strong anti inflammatory effects and powerful actions as an antioxidant.

Inflammation is an important response the body has to help fight foreign invaders and also to help repair damage. The problem is when inflammation becomes chronic.

There is now evidence to suggest low level chronic inflammation plays a role in almost every chronic illness. Including but not limited too heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome Alzheimer’s and various degenerative diseases. (1)

This means that any substance that can help fight chronic inflammation could have a huge positive impact in preventing or treating these diseases.

Curcumin is a strong anti inflammatory. There is research to suggest that its strength is equal to that of some anti-inflammatory drugs, without the side effects. (2) (3)

Without getting too much into the science ( which is extremely complicated) the main thing to note is that curcumin is a substance that fights inflammation at the molecular level.

Here is a list of further properties of curcumin with links to studies.

  • Turmeric mega boosts the antioxidant capacity of the body (4)
  • Curcumin is a brain booster! Curcumin has been shown to increase brain levels of BDNF which is linked to improve brain function and lower risk of brain related diseases. (5)
  • Curcumin may lower your risk of heart disease The number one killer in the world! (6)
  • Turmeric may have cancer preventing properties (7)
  • Curcumin may help reduce inflammation in people who suffer with arthritis. (8)

Ok, so we know how great Turmeric is and given this site is predominately filled with content on the benefits of CBD with links to studies, I shall list a few finer points :

  • CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation
  • CBD has is known to reduce anxiety
  • CBD is known to help relieve pain
  • CBD Is being used to treat epilepsy
  • CBD like turmeric and curcumin is a naturally occurring organic compound

The conclusion

So, to sum up!

CBD oil used in collaboration with turmeric may help deliver a super charged pump to fighting inflammation, relieving chronic pain and reducing life threatening diseases in the body and brain. This combo of natural ingredients should definitely be on your to buy list or to try list for an abundance of health benefits.

Click on the picture to be taken to one of the limited CBD and turmeric products available.


What is CBD oil and how is it made?

Lets get through this without too much jargon and over complication.

CBD oil is oil extracted from cannabis plants and buds, now, cannabis or marijuana as many of us have always been bombarded with is wrong, illegal, drugs, naughty. But, before people started producing large amounts of cannabis to get high and it got outlawed, it was used for many medicinal purposes. Noting also that hemp was used for paper, trees, clothes etc etc.

There are many different strands and strains of cannabis, each with different compounds. It is thought there are over 113 cannabinoids within a hemp plant, What stands out to us are two specifically, the most abundant are THC ( tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol)

THC is the compound in marijuana or cannabis which produce the high, the psychoactive stimulant.

CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive properties but has a whole host of potential health benefits

CBD works by interacting with cannabinoid receptors and other neurotransmitters in the body, skin , digestive tract , reproductive organs and the brain.

There is already CBD in my body?

Well, in everybody there is what we call an endocannabinoid system, which is involved in a variety of physiological processes including appetite, pain – sensation, mood, and memory.

A study on the endocannabinoid system.

When we ingest or inhale cannabis, marijuana or CBD we are supplying our body with an external form of CBD which binds with receptors in our own system. Now the full effects to how this works is still in its infantile stages of study, but there are breakthroughs being made all the time, especially now that Marijuana, or cannabis and CBD is being made legal for medical purposes (and some for recreational) in many states in the US and all over the world.

How is CBD oil made

CBD is extracted from the plant and buds typically in one of three ways :

C02 extraction

  • CO2 Pros
    • Selective and tunable for different molecular weights
    • No residual solvents – great for vape pens
    • Cold extractions and separations are good for temperature sensitive extractions (i.e. terpene preservation)
    • Minimal facility safety requirements/costs – just signs and CO2 monitor
    • Automation is easy and available
  • CO2 Cons
    • Equipment is expensive
    • Manually operated systems are complex to learn
    • Extraction rates are slow on less expensive equipment (competitive rates for more expensive equipment)

Through Hydrocarbons

  • Hydrocarbon Pros
    • Less expensive equipment than CO2
    • Fast extraction rates
    • Great for dabble products like shatter, honeycomb, crumble
    • High potency levels
  • Hydrocarbon Cons
    • Facility is very expensive – Class 1, Division 1 requirements
    • Automation is difficult and expensive due to C1D1 requirement
    • Heavily scrutinized by local regulators and inspectors
    • Not selective or tunable
    • Scaling challenges from limits on amount of hydrocarbon that can be on site (150#)
    • Residual solvent testing required (adds additional time and expense)

With Ethanol

  • Ethanol Pros
    • Very inexpensive equipment
    • Facility is less expensive than hydrocarbons
    • Less power intensive than CO2
    • Very fast extractions – great for distillate products
    • Easily scalable
  • Ethanol Cons
    • Not selective or tunable
    • Will freely extract chlorophyll
    • Requires significant levels of secondary processing
    • Flammable – requires fume hood or equivalent

What we often find is that C02 extraction is the most expensive method, but it seems to be the best. It doesn’t need any external oils or alcohols. It can be done with temperature selection meaning no heat damage will occur, and it is typically done first time without needing a second extraction.

Lab techs use state of the art equipment to create phase changes in carbon dioxide by utilizing temperature and pressure. The carbon dioxide is cooled and compressed to upwards of 10,000 psi – by comparison your car tire is pressurized to about 300 psi. When compressed to these extremes, CO2 becomes ‘supercritical’, which simply means that it converts to liquid when placed under extreme pressure.

In this supercritical state, the CO2 possesses the properties of a liquid and gas at the same time. The CO2 is then heated up and passed through the hemp in a closed loop extractor, without causing harm to any heat-sensitive nutrients like enzymes or vitamins.

The result of this process is a released and recycled CO2 that leaves a highly concentrated, totally pure extract that is more easily digested by the body. The CBD oil that comes through supercritical extraction is a full spectrum cannabinoid product that is transparent with a light amber color.

The different types of CBD products on the market?

New CBD products are coming out all the time, there are many gimmicks out there but there are also some stand out high quality products including CBD oils, CBD edibles , CBD vape pens, CBD buds and also balms which can be used for topical applications.

Check out our other articles for how to look out for the best CBD products, how to avoid the shit products which actually contain no CBD and check our company page for companies which sell good, high quality CBD products with great customer service.







CBD vs Sleep – Insomnias worse nightmare.

Look out fight club, there is a new way to deal with insomnia.

More and more people are looking to CBD to help relieve symptoms of insomnia and to have a longer, deeper nights rest. And, according to many reports – its working.

CBD oil or cannabis oil has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes, including but not limited to a sleep aid. In the mid-1960s, scientists identified the first cannabinoid. Since then, scientists have gone on to identify more than 80 individual cannabinoids and continue to investigate them for their potential symptom-relieving and disease-fighting abilities.

They each have distinctly different effects within the body, and different potential uses for health and disease. Two of the cannabinoids that are most widely recognized for their medicinal value are THC and CBD. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a chemical compound that delivers the “high” that occurs from ingesting marijuana.

CBD, on the other hand, has no “high” associated with it. Instead, this compound has calming, anti-anxiety, and anti-psychotic effects. In fact, CBD is sometimes used in combination with THC to counteract THC’s mind-altering effects.

How does CBD work?

Scientists have made a lot of progress in understanding how CBD produces its calming, pain-reducing, anti-inflammatory effects in the body—and there’s still more to learn. We know that CBD interacts with many different receptors, proteins, and other chemicals in the brain. These interactions create changes in the activity of neurotransmitters, hormones, and other cells throughout the brain and body. Through these interactions, CBD appears to be able to affect many of the body’s functions, from sleep-wake cycles and emotional regulation to inflammation, pain perception, and seizures.

How does this work for sleep?

CBD is quite renowned for reducing anxiety, this itself can help in reducing difficulties related to sleep and helping to improve sleep quality. CBD can increase overall sleep amounts, and improve insomnia according to research. CBD has been shown to reduce insomnia levels in people who suffer from chronic pain.
As it turns out, healthy sleep-wake cycles are extremely dependent on our state of “alertness” during the day. If you are a victim of insomnia, for example, you (along with millions of other individuals) are likely drowsy, fatigued, and generally “out-of-sorts” during the afternoon. As you might imagine, this wreaks havoc on your sleep-wake cycle as it makes it nearly impossible to enter and maintain the non-REM sleep that you need at night.

When appropriate doses of CBD are taken during the day (which should be determined in consultation with your doctor, but often include one dose in the morning and one in the evening), daytime performance is drastically improved, and in turn, both the “strength and consistency” of the sleep-wake cycle is also improved. Naturally, this enhances the ability of the body to enter the all-important non-REM sleep cycle at night.

One of the things that consistently stands out is anxiety playing a vital role in problematic sleep routines.



CBD oil vs Crohns disease

But, I thought this site was about back relief?!       ..NO! we are here to educate about all forms of chronic pains and illnesses which CBD ‘may’ have the ability to relieve some symptoms off!

Crohns disease seems to be on the up and up. A lot more people are suffering with it, notably a picture posted by magician dynamo fully swollen and bloated bares testament to how bad it can be for those who suffer from it. Crohns disease causes internal inflammation anywhere between the mouth and anus.

This can cause bouts of swelling, constant diarrhoea, bleeding, constipation, pain and cramps in the abdomen, feeling an urgent need to go to the bathroom, and a sensation that the bowels have not emptied properly.

Certainly not pleasant, I’m sure for anyone who suffers from it!

Ok, so how can CBD help relieve these symptoms?

Well, surprisingly, not by reducing inflammation according to a recent study led by Dr. Timna Naftali who presented her findings at the united European gastroenterology annual meeting 2018, Vieena, Austria.

We know that CBD and cannabinoids have an anti inflammatory effect on the body, but in relation to Crohns disease the cannabis oil works via relieving symptoms in other ways, and her and her team are now studying this further.

According to the study, 46 people whose Crohns disease was moderately severe were randomly assigned to two groups that received an 8 week treatment.

One group received a treatment of CBD oil the other group a placebo.

After the treatment, there was a significant reduction in Crohns disease symptoms in the cannabis oil group compared to the placebo group.

The results showed that 65 percent of the cannabis oil group met ‘strict criteria for clinical remission’ of Crohns disease. compared with 35 percent of the placebo group.

The group that received the cannabis oil also showed meaningful improvements in measures of life and quality of life, compared with the group that received the placebo.

Study here

What does that mean for us?

Well, with restrictions now being lifted more and more, we find that new studies are being performed and recorded all the time. Fingers crossed this means in the near future relief from the symptoms of Crohns disease will be reduced with the addition of CBD oil or other forms of CBD.

In the mean time, if you do try CBD oil for your Crohns or currently use it, let us know in the comments!

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CBD oil Vs Painkillers?

The big debate?

well, one of them at least.

When it comes to living with chronic pain, we all know all to well the feeling of dependency on pain killers (ibuprofen, NSAID’s) etc. Most of us also understand that these tablets practically do nothing but mask the pain. They also have a whole host of side effects of there own, which include damage to the stomach lining, blood pressure issues, circulatory effects, even addiction!

In a perfect world we would never ever touch pain killers, but , we have no choice to get through our day to day life.

Or do we?

When I started using CBD oil one of the first things I realised after my first couple of weeks was that I wasn’t reaching for my medicine cabinet every day or every other day, in fact its got to the point now where I can’t actually remember the last time I used an NSAID to relieve my pain. It is, to put it quite straight, like the CBD oil itself is acting like a pain killer and reducing inflammation – just from a couple of drops a night.


It works like this –

Cannabinoids, such as CBD, attach themselves to specialized receptors in a person’s brain and immune system.

One of these receptors, called a CB2 receptor, plays a role in the immune system by managing pain and inflammation.

Researchers believe that when CBD enters a person’s body, it may attach to CB2 receptors. Alternatively, it may cause the body to produce natural cannabinoids that attach to the CB2 receptors.

Either way, scientists think CBD affects the way that these receptors respond to the signals that they receive, possibly helping reduce inflammation and pain.


This is a study from 2008 which discusses CBD as a pain killer and suggests it has a ‘very bright future indeed’


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