Best CBD oil for back pain

You deserve the best, and so does your health. Lets look over how CBD can relieve back pain and the best CBD oil for back pain.

Did you know back pain is one of the most common health conditions effecting adults in the US? Over 54% of people had neck or back pain for five years or longer and 29.9% of women had lower back pain.

Back pain can be caused by a number of things, from small aches and pains to full blown, laying on a hard cold floor unable to get up for anything pain.

It hampers your lifestyle, can lead you into depression and leaves you wondering was it worth it doing that extra dead lift? or if your back can handle one more sneeze without feeling like your entire skeletal system will just fall apart.

Some of the most common sources of back pain may actually be not what you think though! Have a look at some of the causes of back pain and how CBD oil can relieve your back pain and some of the best CBD oil recommendation to help you onĀ  your way to a more active, less painful day to day life.

Common reasons for back pain;

  • Stress
  • Not enough exercise

These are just some of the most common causes of back pain. Each of these can be offered some form of ‘relief’ with the supplementation of CBD oil. Lets go through each one, and see how CBD oil can relieve some of the symptoms.


Stress is a leading cause of many issues, back pain being a main focus. Compounding that negative energy can take its toll on your body. Regular exercise, meditation and walks in fresh air can help alleviate the stress factor in our lives.

Aromatherapy is another great way to relieve your stress, but, CBD oil is now being used to help relieve stress as well. CBD oil works by stimulating our own endocannabinoid system. Our receptors are found in our skin, brain and organs.

Once the receptors have been stimulated, they set off a reaction in our body to achieve effects of pain relief, anxiety relief, anti inflammation and much more.

How this effects stress, is CBD has been known to react with the receptors in our brain to lower levels of anxiety. It reduces our blood pressure and instills a feeling of calm in our minds and bodies.

Studies are now also showing CBD maybe used effectively for those suffering with PTSD and other forms of stress.


cbd oil for back pain stress

Limited exercise

Ask any doctor you see and for the largest part, most will say when you’ve done some light damage to your back the best thing to do is keep moving!

Well, that is a lot easier said than done for sure. when you’re feeling pain or you’re suffering from sciatica or a bulging disc it can be really discomforting to move or walk, never mind exercise.


How can CBD oil help back pain?

CBD oil has been shown to have tremendous anti – inflammatory benefits, which, in this situation can work wonders. Reducing the amount of inflammation around the disc or nerves can help more blood flow to the area, thus allowing more healing to be done.

CBD pure for anxiety

More people are opting for CBD oil to relieve back pain than traditional NSAIDS and pain killers due to the fact that CBD oil has little to no side effects, whilst being able to offer pain and inflammation relief!

The inflammation reducing effects of CBD can help people from fitness addicts to manual laborers. Using CBD oil daily can relieve stress and reduce inflammation everyday, meaning your body is always working to optimal capacity and the vital nutrients you consume are getting to where they need to be.

Many people are succesfuly using CBD oil to relieve back pain instead of OTC pain killers and NSAIDS. But, remember everyone is different and we recommend you discuss with your doctor before stopping any long term prescribed medication.

Let us know in the comments if you have used CBD oil to relieve back pain and what were the results!

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CBD oil for back pain
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